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 Welcome To Our Basic Boater Information Center!

Listed here are a few of the points we will be going over for our first time boaters. (See menu to the left for the various boating topic.)

What do you need to know when it comes to boating? We define boating how to outfit your boat to meet your specific personal needs. This can range from safety equipment to apparel.

1) What is the essential boating gear every sailor should ideally have?

2) First, you need to have all the required safety equipment as outlined by the United States Coast Guard.

3) It’s a good idea to outfit your boat with a radio so you can communicate with the shore.

4) A good navigation system is considered by some people an essential piece of boating gear.

5) For docking and anchoring, you’ll need an anchor, of course, as well as line to attach the anchor.

6) If you will be fishing, your boating gear will be a little different.

7) Boating gear is available in sporting goods stores as well as online, and the variety that is available will get your boat outfitted in style!

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